Mania Systems

DevOps Engineer, Web Developer, Trans Activist


10 years experience with [...]

  • 8yrs DevOps Engineer/ 5yrs Automation Specialist
    Run, maintain & deploy servers and infrastructure behind apps, sites and communications platforms
    Automate common maintenance and security tasks
    Containerise applications and streamline update processes for development environments and mainstream apps
  • 10yrs Integration Specialist
    Create seamless communication between systems utilising APIs where possible and other methods where not
    Extensive experience integrating data transfer between systems not necessarily designed to work together
  • 10yrs VoIP & Telecomms Engineer
    Extensive experience with telephone systems, from small office and distributed worker systems to SME service provider platforms
    Extensive experience integrating VoIP systems with analog telephone networks, both through upstream peering and local physical connections
    Worked with a number of platforms, many asterisk based, and have experience writing custom asterisk modules
    Experience integrating telephone systems with web portals and other communications systems
  • 10yrs Web Developer & API Engineer
    Extensive experience doing back end development in a number of languages and methodologies
    Experience doing full stack development, including modern javascript app design
    Experience deploying & maintaining web presences of all varieties, including eCommerce deployments
    Extensive experience designing and deploying APIs and Web services as well as designing libraries to consume them
    Experience designing libraries to consume a number of commercial APIs
    Extensive experience designing web apps and portals that integrate with a number of other systems, Web based and not.


What we can do for you

DevOps & Web Development consulting with a focus on privacy & security.

Cadence Networks offers cloud hosting, connectivity and VoIP solutions.

UK Trans Info is a national charity focused on improving the lives of trans and non-binary people in the UK. is an online pay-what-you-can hackspace and hosting service for trans women & others who experience transmisogyny. is an occasional non-competitive hackday organised specifcially for trans women & others who experience transmisogyny.

QueerApps makes apps and services that aim to be useful to the queer, trans and nonbinary community.


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