Mania Systems Logo

What is Mania Systems? Who is it for?

Mania Systems a retro-futurist themed community for independent, underground, and non-traditional artists and creatives who want to share their work, meet each other, and collaborate, all in a safe space.

We specifically try to build for the intersections of being queer, being chronically ill or disabled, being neuroatypical, and being mixed-race or brown - because that's who we are. Pretty much everyone is welcome (subject to our code of conduct), but we prioritise the safety and comfort of our communities.

What do you mean, nontraditional artists and creatives?

For example:

  • Any artists or creatives working outside academia or "formal institutions"
  • Underground & indie zines and zinemakers
  • Writers working outside academia
  • Street artists
  • Anyone fusing art and technology (e.g. code-as-art, digital music, etc)
  • Found artists
  • Anyone who's had to ask if their art counts as art

As long as you keep this space safe & respectful, you're welcome here.

What do you do?

The goal is to try to make spaces for collaboration, sharing your work, discussion, and general socializing. To that end, there's a bunch of tools available that are generally useful, but they often aren't super accessible and hosting them can be a pain. A number of them are available here, so you can do your work without having to worry about who can see (or own!) your stuff or what you're doing.

All the stuff listed on this site is freely available and open to all those who participate within the bounds of our rules and guidelines.

The moderators try to do this while creating a space that's free of harassment, that's welcome to trans, nonbinary & intersex people, people with trauma, religious and spiritual people, black, indiginous and brown people, women, fat people, sex workers and disabled people. See the code of conduct for a bit more on how we work towards this - but in short: TERFs (or anyone anti-trans), SWERFs (or anyone anti-sex worker), truscum/transmed/anyone policing others' identities, nazis/neo-fascists/'free speech means I can anything' types, nonbinary-exclusionary people, antisemitic people, ethno-nationalists, homophobic people, cops, border agents, and all their ilk are not welcome here.

Who's behind this?

This is mainly run by @sevenofnine and @arshageddon. We wanted to make a space for people like us. It started out as myself (@sevenofnine, that is) running some web apps for myself & my friends, and in some places, it started to shape up like a bit of a community. So @arshageddon and I discussed it and decided we wanted it to be community space for other folks like us. I do most of the technical and infrastructure work, while @arshageddon does most of the artwork we use. In short, we do this together.

We also pull in some other folks for moderation/admin help (right now, mainly @aran).

And since it's been asked - the name isn't a jab at folks who experience mania. We're both people who frequently get well and truly manic, and honestly, most of that energy ends up getting put into mania.systems.