Tools for everyone


Nextcloud is a private cloud storage system.

You can use the Nextcloud apps for your computer, phone or tablet to sync your files between devices, as well as upload and access your files through your browser.

You can share these files with other Nextcloud users (including Nextcloud users on other sites, it's federated!), or with anyone by sending a link.

It's also got a calendar, polling software and an appointment booking app built into it. The data is encrypted at rest, and it supports two-factor authentication for security.

You can also edit most documents in the browser, and edit collaboratively with others, although CryptPad (see below) is more well-designed for that particular task.

You can register for an account here and I'll approve it as quickly as possible!


CryptPad is a private and encrypted collaborative set of document editing applications.

You can edit, share and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, code, presentations, polls, kanban boards (similar to Trello), and whiteboards. You can also upload files and folders to store or share.

Everything in Cryptpad is end-to-end encrypted, which means no one besides you and those you've shared access with can access the documents - even with physical access to the server.

You can use it without registering an account, although registering an account gives you access to CryptDrive, which lets you keep track of all your stored, shared and received documents. Registered accounts are ready to use immediately. You can access it here.


If you feel you cannot safely or securely access these services (or the internet, generally) safe from censorship and observation, I may be able to give you a VPN account. I'd prefer you consider elsewhere, first (such as Mullvad, for example), but if you need it, get in touch.


There's an email service in the works, but it's not ready yet! Follow along on Mastodon, and there'll be a post when it's ready!