Discord community

We have a Discord community where you can come and chat with us! It's linked to our IRC server, so you can join through either one.

To join with discord, follow this link. We have a number of channels which you're welcome to chat in! Please be 18+ if you join #nsfw though!

You can assign pronouns and roles in #role-assignment - but be aware these will not be visible to IRC users.

REX is a bot that bridges Discord to IRC, so that all our users can chat together. Messages from people connected via IRC will be shown with a bot badge next to the name. You can private message people on IRC by messaging REX. You should prefix each message with name:. For example, to message debbie, you would send debbie: hi! to REX.

We also have a fun bot called doctor (who won't show up in the user list - it's an IRC bot), with some fun and useful tools. For info on using the bot, see here!

As always, our rules & code of conduct apply!