A quick intro

In addition to the Mania Systems apps and platforms, I wanted to be able to create a space to show off your work. Not all work necessarily fits into the platforms and spaces that are already here, though. To open up the showing-off ability a bit more, I'm happy to throw some free hosting into the ring.

The requirement is that you need to be an existing and active community member - this isn't general purpose hosting for the public. If you landed here looking for that, reach out to Four Alarm Fire.

What do you need to host?

A blog

Perhaps consider an account on our WriteFreely instance! It's a federated blogging platform that interacts with the fediverse. You can run public or private (or both - you can have more than one!) blogs, customize the styling and the theme, all that good stuff.

Other folks who use WriteFreely - anywhere on the internet, not just Mania Systems - will be able to follow your blog. Actually, anyone in the fediverse will be able to follow your blog.

If this fits the bill, get in touch and I'll get you setup!

A blog, but WriteFreely isn't what I want sad blob person emoji

Okay, I get it. I just really like the fediverse, okay? There's a handful of different blog apps that can be hosted as well. I may not always have spaces available for this kind of hosting, but often do - get in touch.

PHP or static HTML

I can do that! You can have some space on a hosting server, upload your files with SFTP/SCP, and it'll host them for you. There is a limit on the amount of people I can offer this to, but I've usually got spots available - send a request if that's what you're looking for.

Python/Ruby/Node/Go etc

This can be a bit more challenging, unfortunately. What you really need is a virtual server. If you need help finding one, or that's not an option for some reason, email and we can chat about what might be available - there are possibilities here, and I hope to announce some official options for this sometime soon.

Other information

What about domains?

I'm happy to host your domain. If you don't have or don't want a domain, I'm also happy to toss you a subdomain on one of the Mania Systems domains. I'll add a list of those here soon - but if you're chatting to me about hosting already, mention it and I'll give you some options.

Is there a control panel?

Yep! You'll be able to manage everything through the open-source VestaCP. It also integrates Softaculous, so there's a whole bunch of stuff that can be installed in a single click.

Can I have multiple sites?

Availability allowing - sure!

Do you backup my stuff?

Yes and no - there's automatic snapshots of your site every day, and you can restore from the last few in the control panel. But I'm not currently able to make off-site backups for Mania Systems hosted folks, so I suggest you grab one of those snapshots occasionally. I am working to change this, follow the official Mastodon account if you want to know when it happens.

Whose equipment and network is it on?

The hardware technically belongs to Four Alarm Fire, but since that's me... mine. Depending on where in the world your stuff lands, the network is either Hurricane Electric (via a cooperative), or ColoClue (a cooperative itself).

What are the rules on what I can/can't host?

The hosting - like everything on this site - is subject to our Code of Conduct and rules.

I have an issue with something you host.

If it violates the Code of Conduct, rules or etiquette guidelines, please get in touch with the moderators - you can DM us all on Mastodon, or email me. The moderation team is adding more ways to get in touch - the bottom of the CoC has the most up to date ways.

Do you have an SLA?

I can offer this for free, but I do this in my spare time, so I can't give you a guarantee. Saying that, the general infrastructure hasn't experienced any outages for any period of the time in the past, and the folks who run the upstream network are incredibly knowledgeable and awesome.