IRC server

We run an IRC server, accessible with the details below.

If you'd like to use a modern web client for IRC, we run The Lounge! If you'd like an account for The Lounge, let me know.

Server details

If your client supports it, you may be able to connect with this link.

  • Server:
  • Port: 6697
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Plaintext is available on port 6667 but I urge you not to use it. We may make it unavailable in future.
  • Authentication: register with NickServ.
  • Once registered, you can identify by messaging NickServ or by adding your registration password to the Password or Server Password field in your client.


  • Our main lobby is #gay-for-spoons - you'll be autojoined to this a few seconds after connecting.
  • Other interesting channels include: #mastodon, #music, #minecraft, #venting-and-pain & #writing. There's also #nsfw - 18+ only in there, please!

Discord integration

  • All the above channels are bridged to Discord. Users who's names end with a [d] are Discord users.
  • You can private message Discord users, but it's a bit awkward from the Discord end (see below).

Other info

  • We have a bot called doctor who provides a bunch of fun and useful tools. Send !help to get information from him!
  • Our rules and code of conduct apply as usual!