Social Platforms


Mastodon is a federated and decentralized microblogging system.

You can interact with other Mastodon users at Mania Systems with it, but you can also interact with nearly* everyone else in the fediverse (fediverse?!). Also, there's some pretty cool custom emoji to play with trans flag emoji including black stripe blob person holding genderqueer flag emoji tranarchy emoji

You can request to register on Mastodon, and one of the mods will approve the account. If you know someone already on our instance, you can also get an invite link from them and skip the approval.

*The moderators block certain instances and content to help keep our members' timelines clean.


WriteFreely is a federated blogging/writing platform.

It lets you create one (or more!) blogs, and post your work. Blogs can be in blog-, novel-, or notebook-format depending on the content you're posting, and they can be public, private, or unlisted. It's federated as well, so folks on other WriteFreely instances can follow you and vice-versa. In fact, anyone on Mastodon (or most other fediverse software) can follow your blog.

Again, to avoid spam, it's not open registration, so you'll need an invite from an existing Mania Systems WriteFreely user, or you'll need to request one.


Gitea is a git hosting service where you can store the code for your projects.

GitHub is great and all, but the internet is all about decentralization, and GitHub is home to easily the large majority of open-source projects. Microsoft could easily decide to, for example, ban entire countries. Spread the love & spread the code - we'll host your git repositories for you!

The Gitea configuration allows for most major collaborative features people use - private & public repositories, organizational accounts, issues & pull requests, wikis, and releases. You can also import your existing GitHub repositories in a few clicks blobcat winking emoji

It's got open registrations, so you can just sign up on the registration page to get your account going. Unfortunately, it does have a captcha enabled right now, which isn't really accessible - I'm working on alternative. In the meantime, if the captcha is an issue, let me know and I'll set it up for you.


Jabber is a decentralized (and optionally encrypted) chat service.

Jabber lets you exchange private messages with other Mania Systems Jabber users, as well as with users of other jabber services across the internet.

You can get an account using the account request page. I will be enabling server registration down the line.

Coming soon

WriteFreely (a fediverse blogging platform), PixelFed (a fediverse image/photo sharing platform), FunkWhale (a fediverse music sharing platform) and others coming soon. Follow the official Mastodon account for news.